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We have many years of experience! All our services are performed by specialists with many years of experience in the industry in accordance with the guidelines of the Institute of Construction Technology and the Ministry of Development. We approach each order individually, taking into account the needs and wishes of our clients. We carry out both one-time orders and permanent contracts. All our services are insured by TUIR Warta.

ZAP® patented technology

We use chemical preparations based on formulas from CTS Chemistry and work according to the patented ZAP® technology. It is thanks to unique technological solutions that our products and services become a symbol of quality, effectiveness and safety.

Certified measurements

We have the most modern and accurate measuring equipment. After testing, we provide a report and an anti-slip certificate confirming compliance with the guidelines of the Building Research Institute.

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Health and safety at work starts from the floor

We take care of employee safety by aiming to reduce the risk of falls and injury. Unfortunately, the most common causes of falls at work are slips.


Our mission is to reduce workplace accidents by

promoting a culture of safety

and raising awareness of the dangers of slippery or wet floors.

Don't underestimate the risks!


1. Each tile loses its factory anti-slip properties over time and intensity of use.

2. The anti-slip class declared by the manufacturer does not constitute a certificate or attestation.

3. An anti-slip tile with a high dry anti-slip class may be much more slippery when the surface is wet.

Request a measurement of the floor's slip resistance.


We protect floor surfaces so as to provide employees with safe and hygienic working conditions in accordance with the Labor Code.

Our protections are effective even where floor contamination is unavoidable due to ongoing technological processes.

Some of the most common contaminants include: chemicals, acids, oils, lubricants, gasoline, food waste, soaps, cleaners and water. Do you want to eliminate the causes of slips?

Request a free trial of slip protection!


If you are responsible for the safety of your employees, you are also responsible for painful slips, falls or injuries that occur as a result of unprotected surfaces.

Avoid high claims and keep your users safe.

Don't incur additional costs!

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